This Audacious Life

Coaching is a partnership in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires you to achieve your personal and professional potential.

Coaching is you and me creating a safe space to really become curious about your life, your hopes and your dreams.

The external things come to us when we shift the internal.  Only then can we begin to invite ourselves to dream aloud and move into action towards what we really want.

We may talk about growing your business, having better relationships, developing a happier marriage, creating more financial stability, finding a new career, generating more peace with yourself and/or deepening your spiritual connection. 

Coaching is about your receiving valuable skills and strategies to help you purposely accomplish the changes you envision and truly want.

Your life begins to change when you commit to you and your heart’s calling even when there is fear or confusion.

Hi, I'm Jacqueline

I am so glad that you here!
I have found an integrative, holistic and powerful way to create change.  Nothing delights me more than seeing my clients step into an audacious and vibrant life.
My work is transformational, practical and experiential to help you rediscover who you really are and what is truly possible in your life. 
With the right encouragement and support, you experience an expansion in your capacity for personal and professional achievement, joy and love. 
Truly you can have it all.
With loving,


Turning Obstacles into Stepping Stones
.... What is Your Soul Yearning to Teach You

What if what you believe is in the way is actually a stepping stone towards what you want waiting to be uncovered?

I coach multi-passionate people who have a desire to grow.
I am dedicated to helping people live happier, healthier lives by inviting clients to explore and inquire their beliefs and experiences in order to unleash their heart desires and dreams. My job is to help you discover your path, and to support you on your journey. I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has dedicated over two decades helping people from all walks of life—creatives, writers, small business owners, therapists, coaches, Olympic athletes and business and entertainment executives. This is profoundly life changing work. So, it is essential that neither of us goes into it lightly. Together we set goals based on your vision of life moving towards your goals and dreams with support, creativity and compassion.

This audacious life requires vision, curiosity, courage, compassion and lots of laughter and fun along the way.

I would love to hear from you.

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