Swap Burning Out, Not Knowing Where to Start, Putting Yourself Last
for a Fire Within

Professional Coaching

A uniquely curated program where we partner to create momentum that will take you to what you ultimately want in life & business.


A rich immersion into a specific space that reignite your heart's desires.

Women's Mastermind Groups & Coaching Programs

For women who are committed to elevating their life and/or businesses to the next level.

Meet Jacqueline

I am dedicated to helping women live happier, healthier lives by creating more self-love, self-care, and dreaming big.

My job is to help you discover your path, and to support you on your journey. To support you in unleashing your heart’s desires and dreams.

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has dedicated over two decades helping people from all walks of life—creatives, writers, small business owners, therapists, coaches, Olympic athletes and business and entertainment executives.

Together we set goals based on your vision of life moving towards your goals and dreams with support, creativity and compassion. As partners we work together to forge new pathways in your life.

Coaching is a partnership in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to achieve your personal and professional potential.

Coaching is you and me creating a safe space to become curious about your life, hopes, and dreams.

The external things come to us when we shift the internal.  Only then can we begin to invite ourselves to dream aloud and move into action towards what we want.

We may talk about growing your business, having better relationships, developing a happier marriage, creating more financial stability, finding a new career, generating more peace with yourself, and deepening your spiritual connection. 

Coaching is about receiving valuable skills and strategies to help you purposely accomplish the changes you envision and genuinely want.

Your life begins to change when you commit to yourself and your heart’s calling, even when there is fear or confusion.  This is. profoundly life-changing work.

If you want to explore whether working together would support you, contact me, and we will schedule a conversation.

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