Badass Mujeres

Raíces + Support + Strategy = Badass Mujer


A 5-month online coaching group for mujeres ready to create abundance and success that honors your roots while nourishing heart-felt dreams.

Are you ready to create success within your professional life?
Are you ready to experience life mastery in a way that honors your unique flavor?

Then this is the group for you!

There is a powerful need right now for the real-life and shared experiences of Latinas to be highlighted and solidified through community, connection, and collaboration. 

This is a high-level coaching group designed for professional females who are committed to elevating their life and businesses to the next level.

Together and in collaboration, we will turn up the flame on your vision and action.

Join us for this epic journey!

We begin Spring 2021!

Latinas are magia.
We are Badass Mujeres. 

Most of us grew up in homes speaking two languages (yes, Spanglish counts), learning about our ancestors’ roots and traditions while also figuring out how to fit into the American culture that was often misunderstood or even put down by our caretakers. We loved American music and watched novelas at night with our mamiAbuela’s remedios always helped us feel betterMost of knew about limpias before they became trendy.  Our tías and tíos as well as our primas were part of our daily life.  A simple family get together meant having at least 40 people over.  Saturday morning cleaning was signaled by cumbias or Celia Cruz. 

We also served as translators to our parents.  We had to explain to our non-Latinx friends the rules of entering and exiting a party.  We were taught to refuse food or other offerings at casa ajenas. We were constantly reminded to be mindful of lo que van a decir (what they will say).  If your parents are from Central America or Mexico you answered mande when an authority figure directed words your way.  Sleepovers… well that was for other girls. 

Over the years, many Latinas have shared with me the often confusing and double-standard messages they received from well intending parents.  It was pressed upon them not to shine too bright, to be too smart, to look her best, to look sexy, but not too sexy, to be fierce, but not too much, to be educated and do your best, but not too much—definitely not in a way that makes you show off—you don’t want to look like you’re better than everyone else.  Oh, and don’t ever forget about your raíces and all the sacrifices made to help you along the way.  Let’s not even get started on the quality of our Spanish or the different house rules for boys and girl

I deeply love my Central and South American roots (pupusas and arepas are equals to my taste buds).  I also love my American culture.  I know too well the challenges of walking the line between these two worlds.  For many years I felt divided, disconnected and hid from my own power.

Latinas ARE magia. 

We are hard workers and we are dedicated to our families.  We are often well educated and yet many find ourselves lost in how to make our sueños come true.  I had two master’s degrees, multiple certifications, and I could not figure out how to help my heart sing its own unique song.

For many years I found myself stuck and gave up on my vision before even getting started.

After all, I grew up asking for permission and thinking of others first. I had no idea where to get permission for my dreams or how to focus on myself. 

I also remember how excited I was to start my own practice.  I had worked for years at a nonprofit and wanted to serve more people. My bubble burst when I was quickly told I was selling out.  I would not be serving nuestra gente anymore.  

Transformation came when I learned to use both cultures to serve others and myself.  

I created this mastermind program to support brilliant mujeres like you to breakthrough anything getting in the way of sharing your gifts and creating more prosperity in a way that nurtures your multi-faceted colors, dreams, and inspirations.  

It's time to Rise

It's time to create the income and impact YOU know you’re capable of

Claim the Life You’ve Always Imagined

This coaching program is for women seeking clarity, support, structure, and accountability in creating a big dream, a vision, or an inspiring calling.

Together, we will partner in creating what’s next by utilizing strengths and tapping into your innate wisdom.

You will be supported in stepping more fully into your power and potential while focusing on the different aspect of what you are creating.

  • Explore and get clarity on your vision.
  • Create a doable action plan that inspires you. 
  • Facing your biggest obstacles and turning them into stepping stones towards what you want. 
  • Embracing self-love and self-care as essential for success.
  • Being part of a community of women who  support  you.
  • Stepping up into your unique and powerful flavor of feminine leadership infused with your unique flavoring.

Badass Mujeres 5-Month Online Coaching Program

Virtual Immersions

Our launch and completion will be done via a 2-day virtual immersion.  We will meet Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. These meetings are mandatory & cannot be missed. 

Launch: TBD

Mid-point: TBD

Completion: TBD

*These sessions are mandatory and required. All times are PST.

Video Coaching Sessions

Group Coaching Sessions to keep you in action on the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month.  

Calls will focus on transformational work so you get the personalized coaching support you need to create structure and systems to what you want to create.

Group sessions will be recorded, so you won’t miss a thing.

Prosperity Mindset, Collaboration & Social Advocacy

A transformative inside out approach to elevate your mindset & create strategies to reach your financial, lifestyle or business goals through collaboration, serving others & reciprocity.

Community Support

You’ll be part of a Mastermind Circle of like-minded mujeres to help create a deeper connection, support, accountability, and inspiration throughout the program. 

Private FB Group

Get unlimited support from your new community & get questions answered and feedback as obstacles as they show up. 

We will also celebrate your wins.

Healing our Raices

Together we will unravel cultural beliefs that impact our greater community while practicing indigenous healing practices from our ancestors.

Sessions will be conducted in English, Spanish, Spanglish, and everything in between.

"Your individuality is important, but so is belonging. Recognize the parts of your culture that have shaped your past, and the parts you want to carry with you into the future."

- Sol Peralta

"Widen the path of opportunities and continue to leave a powerful and positive legacy in this world."

- Luis Fonsi

It's time Mujer!

The time to show the world your badassery is now.

Learn more. Reach out.

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