fallING deeply

The journey of a Turned-On Life begins with Falling Deeply in love with YOU

As the holiday season approaches, the world around us becomes a whirlwind of activity, often leaving us feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from ourselves. 

In this pivotal moment, we extend a heartfelt invitation to embark on a profound journey—one that encourages you to delve into the depths of self-love, explore the Divine Feminine, and set ablaze the radiant essence within you.

As we enter the season of the holy days, may “Falling Deeply” be a sacred space where you can retreat from the chaos, a place to find solace and rejuvenation amidst the holiday rush. 

It is our hope that within this sanctuary, you will discover the profound gifts of self-discovery and empowerment, allowing you to embrace the season with renewed clarity, purpose, and a deeper connection to your own divine essence.

When was the last time you put you and your pleasure first?

The healing power of allowing and creating a Turned-On Life is transformative. 

It is a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-love, where we learn to embrace our authentic selves without judgment. 

By allowing ourselves to explore our desires, passions, and innermost truths, we unlock the potential for profound healing. This process helps us shed the layers of societal conditioning and past wounds, allowing us to step into our power and vitality. 

As we connect with our inner fire, we become a source of healing not only for ourselves but also for those around us. 

Welcome to Falling Deeply: Turning On Life’s Magic – A Journey of Divine Feminine Exploration and Self-Embodiment.

This event is your sanctuary, a sacred space where you can pause, reflect, and surrender to the transformative power of self-love and desire. It is a journey that beckons you to discover the multifaceted aspects of the Divine Feminine, rekindle your inner fire, and infuse your life with a sense of enchantment and wonder.

Imagine walking Mother Earth feeling comfortable, rooted and powerful in your body and soul.

What would your relationship with life and lovers be like when you let go of shame and replacing it with acceptance, aliveness, and joy.

When you are more fully connected with your beautifully unique turn-ons life feels good.

Because finding pleasure within the nuances of daily happenings is effortless, and as a result rather than reacting to life, you respond from a place of inner wisdom. 

The magnificence of feminine sensuality is the greatest source of power on the planet, so when a woman owns her turn-on, she becomes unstoppable.

A Turned-on Women is a goddess and uses her power for the upliftment of herself and other women. 

Our desires hold the potential for profound healing, and transformation. Our desires are not mere whims; they are the whispers of our souls, urging us to seek what truly fulfills us. 

Embracing our desires is an act of reclaiming agency and autonomy over our lives. It is a declaration that our desires matter, that our yearnings are valid, and that we have the right to pursue them without guilt or shame. 

When we honor our desires, we acknowledge the divine within us—the spark of creation that drives us to manifest our dreams and make our mark on the world. 

In doing so, we heal not only ourselves but also contribute to the collective healing of a society that, too often, has tried to stifle, diminish, and even criminalize the desires of women. 

Our desires become a source of empowerment, a catalyst for personal growth, and a force for positive change in the world. They remind us that we are not only capable of healing but also of shaping a more equitable and fulfilling future.

Tt's time...

To know your worth.

To root in your truth.

To be fully expressed.

To replace shame and guilt with aliveness.

To release shutdown and numbness to make room for deliciousness. 

To reignite your sensual power.

To fall in love with your dark and light parts.

To fall deeply in love with you.

It’s time to get back in touch with your sensuality.

To let laughter and delight takeover. 

It’s time for you to own your Turned-On Life.

Through immersive embodiment practices, guided meditations, and soul-stirring exploration of the Divine Feminnee, you will embark on an odyssey of self-discovery that will empower you, boost your confidence, and rekindle your connection to your inner essence. This event is not merely about surviving the holiday season; it’s about thriving in it, radiating love and light, and becoming a beacon of authenticity and positivity for yourself and those around you.

Falling Deeply

A 2-day Online Event for Women

The Divine Feminine represents the nurturing, intuitive, and creative aspects of our being. By embracing these facets, you tap into a wellspring of power and resilience that can guide you through life’s twists and turns. “Falling Deeply” is your chance to awaken this divine energy within, inviting it to permeate every facet of your life with a renewed sense of purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

Our Journey Begins  in the Darkness of the Evening and Completes in the afternoon symbolizing balance and reflection,  reminding us of the harmonious connection between the external world and one’s inner self.


Friday, November 10th

Begins 10: 5:30 pm PT / 7:30 pm ET 

Ends: 7:30 pm PT / 10:30 pm ET

Saturday November 10th

Begins 9::30 am PT / 12:30 pm ET 

Ends: 1:30 pm PT / 4:30 pm ET


        Investment: $343

Equity Scale + Payment Plan Available

What is the Turned-On Life?

A Turned-On Life, at its core, is a principle of pleasure.  

Every week you will be introduced to a different facet of the feminine in which we will explore the unique ways you can enrich and enhance your life

When the feminine’s different facets are integrated, they provide a profound journey for tuning out, tuning in, and turning on. 

A Turned-On Life ignites a radiant spark within us, fostering resilience, joy, and a deep sense of purpose. 

It’s a path to wholeness and well-being, where we heal our relationship with ourselves and, in turn, contribute to the healing of the world around us.

Falling Deeply

A 2-day retreat-style event designed to support you in creating your authentic Turned-On. Your Inner Radiance and Divine Feminine Awakening Await

The Divine Feminine represents the nurturing, intuitive, and creative aspects of our being. By embracing these facets, you tap into a wellspring of power and resilience that can guide you through life’s twists and turns. 

“Falling Deeply” is your chance to awaken this divine energy within, inviting it to permeate every facet of your life with a renewed sense of purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

The first and most important is the ability to identify your desires. When you recognize and celebrate these innate and unique longings, you can then attract, create, and live your most deeply longed for dreams. 

 We have been taught that our darkness is bad and even evil.  This is far from the truth.  Our darkness is the seed of our empowerment.  It empowers us to create boundaries, to feel safe in our pursuit of freedom and turn-ons. You will learn how to own, unleash and use the power of the Dark Goddess within you.

When you own yourself sensually, everything is open to you.  Your body was created by the Divine for pleasure. There are over 8,000 nerve endings in your body including a body part whose sole purpose is to give you pleasure.  When you learn your tapestry of pleasure, you awaken your entire being and experience the pleasure that has always been available to you.

Being joyous is your birthright.  The greatest secret to a turned-on life is pleasure and fun.

Creating more joy in your life, Flexing this new power will nourish your desires.  As you begin to feed your joy, you will light up and so will your desires. 

You are a goddess, and it’s vital that you worship every part of you.  Our culture has taught women to disconnect themselves from the true beauty they are, and that celebrating your beauty is selfish and superficial.  

It’s time to adorn and delight in your beaut.  Beauty flows from within, and it is an expression of feminine radiance.  Beauty is holy and, in some cultures, considered another word for Divine.

Falling Deeply is designed for ALL women.

Cis-gendered, queer, bi-sexual, non-binary, and trans women are welcome. The word ‘woman’ is for any person who identifies as a woman, or lives as a woman and each woman supported to live in alignment with her internal and external truth.

Falling Deeply is for you if...

You enjoy and can engage being in the comfort of your home.

You are able to join us in a space where you can speak and move freely with the ability to keep all participants confidentiality and interruptions to a minimal. There will be plenty of breaks.

You’re familiar with this type work and are not experiencing any type mental health crisis.

You are looking for more training, structure and support to integrate this work into your life and get the results you desire. This is a coaching program with no crisis management or individual consultations.

You are looking for accountability, engagement, and practice with a community of like-minded women.

You will have regular calls, practice sessions, and structured homework in the presence of other women.

Amidst life and the holiday rush, we sometimes forget the most essential relationship we can nurture—the one with ourselves.

“Falling Deeply” is your reminder that before you can overflow with love and kindness for others, you must first fill your own cup. It is an opportunity to fall deeply in love with your true self, to embrace your sensuality, and to honor the wisdom that resides within you.

My purpose is to support women to feel comfortable, empowered, and alive in their bodies, hearts, and souls. I believe women are powerful, intuitive, and created for pleasure. I am dedicated to transforming shame and guilt into freedom and self-acceptance.

It takes skill, support, and sisterhood to do things differently and live a Turned-On Life.


Are you ready to step into your truth, nurture desires, and let your body delve into pleasure?


Then it’s time to remember your unique feminine truth and awaken your pleasure.