Heart Callings of the Soul

Have you ever had an idea that just won’t go away? Years can go by, and circumstances can change, but that thought won’t go away.

I’ve come to call this a heart calling.  

A heart calling usually refers to a deep and powerful feeling or intuition that guides your actions or decisions based on what truly resonates with your emotions or desires. 

A heart calling is about following your instincts, gut, and emotional wisdom to pursue something meaningful or important to you.

The heart calling is rooted in the part of the body that balances the chakras of the head (the third eye and the crown associated with connection with the Divine) and those of the body (root, sacral, and solar plexus related to being human earthside). The voice chakra closely collaborates with the heart to express and create what the heart is calling to be created. 

Heart callings are rooted in the idea that our lives have a deeper purpose or meaning beyond the material that connects us with the Divine.

A heart calling involves a sense of higher purpose, fulfillment, and connection to something greater than oneself.

A heart calling is a deep and profound sense of purpose or direction that resonates with your innermost emotions, knowing, and desires. Many see it as a spiritual or personal conviction that guides your actions and choices in life, guiding you to pursue something that feels authentic, profound, and meaningful while driving you towards a larger purpose or life path that genuinely aligns with your inner truth and connections to self, others, and God/dess..

You can have a heart calling and not believe in God or have a spiritual practice. A heart calling is often about discovering one’s deeper purpose, passions, and authentic desires, which can be independent of religious beliefs. While some individuals may associate a heart calling with Divine guidance, others view it as a personal mission inherent to their identity, values, and drive that guides them in positively impacting the world.

It’s important to remember that spirituality and callings can be deeply personal and subjective experiences.  They may be interpreted and expressed differently across cultures and belief systems. 

So while not everyone’s calling may be tied to spirituality, the pursuit of callings often leads people to explore questions of purpose, meaning, and their place in the world, which can intersect with spiritual exploration.

I have learned from clients that connecting to desires, introspection, self-awareness, and total commitment are essential regardless of spiritual beliefs.  Here are some steps to support the pursuit of a heart calling:

  1. Self-Reflection:  Pay attention to your inner voice and intuition. You may experience a quiet but persistent feeling that guides you toward something meaningful.  Spend time reflecting on interests, strengths, and values. Consider moments when you felt most fulfilled and alive. What activities or pursuits resonate with you deeply?  Write down your thoughts, reflections, and ideas. Journaling helps clarify your thoughts and connect with your inner desires.
  2. Explore Curiosity: Slow down and follow your curiosity. Heart callings can emerge from unexpected places or experiences.  Be open-minded and be open to exploring new areas, even if they seem far-fetched.
  3. Befriend Fear: Nothing is worth pursuing unless it inspires some fear.  Your heart calling might push you outside your comfort zone, but embracing challenges can lead to growth.  A heart calling is also not about being fearless. Fear is a sign of moving forward consciously and mindfully, paying attention to what is happening internally and externally in order to follow your heart calling with more grace. 
  4. Alignment and Flow: When individuals embrace their truth and answer their callings, they often experience a sense of alignment and flow. There is a feeling of being “in the right place at the right time” and a natural unfolding of events that support their journey.  Pay attention to these moments. They are signposts that tell you are on the right path. Don’t forget to celebrate them too.
  5. Seek Inspiration: Seek out role models or stories that resonate with your aspirations and serve as inspiration to keep going.  Learning from others’ journeys can provide valuable insights into both successes and failures. Connecting with mentors, coaches, or individuals with expertise in your areas of interest is vital. Their insights can be valuable as you navigate your journey.  Don’t forget to ask for help. For many, part of the journey is the willingness to seek the right support to help nurture you and your heart calling.  We are not meant to do everything alone.
  6. Trust the Process: I know what a tall order this can be.  Trust that you’re on a path of self-discovery and growth. Remember that the journey to anything we value is not linear. There are also no shortcuts.  Your heart calling may evolve over time, and that’s okay.  Be patient with yourself and trust that the path will unfold.  Be open to experimenting with new activities to see what feels right.  A heart calling is a personal and evolving journey. It’s about aligning your actions and choices with your authentic self and what truly brings you joy and purpose.

Remember, connecting with your heart calling is a personal and evolutionary journey. It’s about aligning your actions and choices with your authentic self and what truly brings you joy, purpose, and aliveness. Reach out for support.

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