Women’s Mastermind Groups

  • You receive personalized attention. Our 1:1 work is all about YOU – 100% YOU.
  • Specific and unique practices and assignments are created to support you.

  • Customized work will support your learnings from sessions and assist you in forward action.

  • You experience expansion in your self-awareness, cultivate deeper self-love and acceptance, and greater trust in your own inner wisdom.

  • Reawaken your inner compass.

Women’s Workshops

Shine Bright from the Inside Out

  • you want to learn about your love language and ways to nourish yourself.
  • you yearn to learn what enlivens you and helps you feel more comfortable in your own skin.
  • you want to learn practical and easy ways to practice self-care, self-love and self-compassion at home, work and in relationships with others.
  • you desire to create more joyful expression in your life.
  • you are ready to shine bright from the inside out. 

Next Workshop Dates

February 2020

August 2020

Women’s Mastermind Groups

  • You will experience a joyful exploration of your inner workings while connecting with a powerful and inspiring community.
  • You will gain greater awareness of yourself, turning obstacles into stepping stones.
  • Have a  tribe of loving supporters to cheer you on.
  • Assisted in exploring, creating, and strategically creating the life you want.
  • Learn about and use Feminine Intelligence in mastering the life you desire and create.
  • You will learn about the masculine and feminine energy and how to use each one in service to you and your heart-felt dreams.
  • I am available to you through unlimited email and laser coaching as needed. Groups are available both in-person or on-line for those outside of the L.A. area.

VIP Immersion Day

  • Designed as a dynamic exploration and implementation in creating a desired outcome in one area. 
  • This type of deep dive is an excellent way of supporting yourself after having completed a coaching package and are wanting a “tune-up.”
  • A VIP Day is a heart-centered way of initiating a transformative journey. 
  • VIP Days are available for individuals, couples, or professionals seeking consultation. 
  • Services are available in-person (L.A. area).

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